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Saïx didn’t often leave the Castle That Never Was, but today he had been assigned something as tedious as going down to the always rainy Dark City and make an estimate on how many Heartless were roaming about there. With his temporary heart he knew he’d have to be much more careful than before since the Heartless were undoubtly going to be more interested in him than before, so he tried to stay out of sight as much as possible.

He was however a little startled when he heard a hiss and a snarl coming from nearby, and he turned to see a… girl? No, that was definitely a humanoid Heartless. How curious… He wasn’t even aware that such existed. He eyed the creature warily, but also with slight interest, making sure to stay on guard the entire time.

There was something that they craved and the bluenette in front of her held it within his possession. Her mind was already creating a way to remove the jewel from its prison of skin, bone, and muscle. A blackened tongue slipped out to lick over her lower lip, a snarl bubbling in her throat the sound like glass in a blender. She parted her teeth before hissing a screeching noise, taking a half step towards him. If she didn’t act now, there would be more on the way, that’s for sure. 

Her petite noise lifted itself to the air once more to sniff before a wicked grin confirmed what he held. She eyed him evenly, golden eyes ablaze with hunger and hiding nothing about her vicious intent. She tilted her head at him, beginning to circle him. 

(Source: heart-lessx)

night I suppose 


I’m certain you’ll be much fun.


An odd concept, something that never truly applied. Fun? What was it. She knew thrill and anticipation, and she supposed she felt some sort of “fun” when hunting. The creature tipped her head at the figure before her, a curious clicking noise leaving her lips as she stared at him.